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Cocoapods And Git


  1. Uninstall: pod deintegrate
  2. Install: pod install
  3. Update: pod update
  4. Clear all pods’ cache: pod cache clean --all
  5. Initialize PodFile: pod init
  6. List all pods: pod list
  7. Update Pod Repo: pod repo update
  8. Setup: pod setup
  9. Build cocoapod: pod lib lint --no-clean

Get help for a command: --help. Example: pod search --help.

Verbose output flag: --verbose



Push to Existing Git Repo

  1. git add .
  2. git commit -m "Your message for commit"
  3. git push

Revert to previous commit

  1. Hard Delete All Current Changes: git reset --hard
  2. Save Current Work and then Revert: git stash || git reset --hard || git stash pop

Undo a git merge that hasn’t been pushed

  1. git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD


//$branch_name is a branch name

  1. Switch branch: git checkout $branch_name
  2. Merge another branch into the current: git merge $branch_name
  3. Pull new changes from remote: git pull
  4. Remove a file from the working tree: git rm $file_name
  5. List all branches: git branch -a